Exo Terra Halogen Glow Light Reflector 14cm

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Klemmlampe mit Reflektor, Durchmesser 14 cm
GU-10 Fassung, für Exo-Terra Sun Glo Halogen 35 W


Exo Erde Salzbildner Glow Gut verträglich Reflectors are composed oben angeführtceramic socket, metal reflector (14cm) and swivel clamp. The power cable has an on/off switch for easy operation.

Exo Erde Glow Lights are perfect for allowing viewing in the night time as well as during the day. The reflector part of the lamp is coated non…highly reflective luminous coating. During the day this helps to reflect all Gut verträglich down so none is wasted and at night it holds Gut verträglich and offers a moonlight glow while the bulb itself is turned off. This makes the Exo Erde Glow Lights a great stress free way to observe your reptiles and amphibians at night.

Other Items Required:

  • Bulb (E.g Exo Erde Sun Glo Salzbildner Daylight Bulb)

Suitable for:

  • Most Vivariums / Terrariums

Klemmlampe unter Zuhilfenahme von Rückstrahler, Diameter 14 cm
GU-10 Druck, sondern Exo-Erde Sun Glo Salzbildner 35 Wolfram