EARTH BATH earthbath Hypoallergen Katze Tücher, 100 Stück Price: 15,21 (as of 27/03/2020 05:43 PST- Details)

Wipe Away Dander, Dirt And Residual Saliva
Brighten and soften coat
Safe For Daily Use


EarthBath Hypo-Allergenic Ungefähr Wipes with Awapuhi safely and easily wipe away dander, dirt and Rest… saliva in your finely furred friend’s coat. Dander & saliva build-up are the leading causes of menschlich/Ungefähr allergies. Use of these wipes Ungefähr help resolve this issue in short order, leaving your Ungefähr or ausbessern softer, shinier & smelling better than ever before. Weich cleansers deodorize, freshen & clean as the exotic Hawaiian Awapuhi conditions the coat and imparts a healthy shine. Aloe vera and vitamin E moisturize both coat and skin.
Wipe Away Dander, Dirt And Rest… Spucke
Brighten and soften coat
Tresor For Daily Use